The atomizer is the component of the electronic cigarette in which the resistance is included, which ultimately is what makes possible that the liquid is heated and transformed into steam. There the liquid then evaporate is also saved and will be conducted by a path to the nozzle tube.

An atomizer for electronic cigarettes is presented as a sort of usually transparent cap, which lets you see at what level is the e-liquid. And it is located between the battery and the mouthpiece.

Said e-liquid is embedded in the fiberglass, upon contact with the metal wire forming the resistance, when the battery is activated, turns to steam and passing the nozzle through a tube, for the person inhales. While this is the way to proceed internal mechanism that mobilizes all models, the reality is that there are different variants of atomizer for electronic cigarette. For example CE4 is widespread the model, which are economical and require virtually no maintenance, because once burned their resistance are discarded. The CE6 model for its part is more powerful and is likely to change its resistance without having to acquire the atomizer again. Another variant of atomizer for electronic cigarettes is constituted by the Evod model, more durable and also interchangeable resistance.

Whatever the model, the atomizer require periodic cleaning: each model has a particularity in regard to maintenance and the best way to sanitize (on the web there is much information). As noted above, there atomizers, once their useful life, should be changed completely (which is why it incorporates them into the category of “consumables”); others allow the resistance change (removable and interchangeable parts perfectly models).

An atomizer for electric cigarette can have fiberfill and be formed into a single unit with the cartridge, in which case it is called cartomizer. Or you can rovings, and enter into the category of claromizador.

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